Page 10 - FIA Insight - Q3 - 2022
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These clients want tailored cover and value
                                                                               for money, appreciating rewards and socially
                                                                               responsible concepts such as Discovery’s
                  “Millennials tend to underestimate the                       Shared-value Insurance model.

                   importance of sound financial advice                        In Daniel Stoch’s observations, he has noticed that
                                                                               millennials have a strong preference for digitisation
                     given that only 16% say they would                        in the engagement in their policy.

                        work with a financial adviser”                         “The ability to see policy on the face of a mobile
                                                                               app is highly valued,” he says. “Millennials want
                                                                               a product that they can engage with in terms of
                                                                               seeing what benefits they have and what their
                                                                               financial rewards are based on their engagement.

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