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                                                                        05   THOUGHTS FROM OUR CEO
                                                                        14   SHOULD YOU SPECIALISE OR GENERALISE?
                                                                        20   FROM FINANCIAL NEEDS ANALYSIS TO
                                                                             DRAFTING A WILL
                     08                                                 24   RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING REIMAGINED
                                                                        26   UNPACKING GOVERMENT'S TWO-POT
                HOW TO REACH                                                 RETIREMENT SAVING SYSTEM
             MILLENNIAL CLIENTS                                         34   GENUINE EMPATHY REQUIRES 24/7 EFFORT
               Stay In The Spotlight In The
                 Attention Economy                                      36   BUILD GENERATIONAL WEALTH THROUGH
                                                                             YOUR BROKERAGE
                                                                        38   THE TRENDS SHAPING THE WORLD OF
                                              DO YOU GREET
                                             CLIENTS BY THEIR           40   THE EXPONENTIAL UNDERWRITER AND THE
                                                 NAMES?                      ANALYTICS IMPERATIVE
                                            Pay attention and reap the   44   THE ARRIVAL OF ESG IN THE INSURANCE
                     30                           benefits                   INDUSTRY
                                                                        46   THE MULTIVERSE OF YOU
                LIVING A BRAVE                                          48
                  NEW LIFE                                                   NEVER STOP LEARNING
                Are you ready to live in                                54   WHERE TO GO IN THE FUTURE INSURANCE
                 interesting times?                                          MARKETS

                                                                        60   ENSURE VEHICLE OWNERS GET BEST VALUE
                                                  50                    62   GEARING UP WITH HCV INSURANCE

                                            WINNING CLIENTS             64   THE IMPACT OF GLOBAL INFLATION ON
                                            ON SOCIAL MEDIA                  INSURANCE
                                             How to really reach clients   66   RISING PETROL PRICES – KEEPING YOUR
                     56                            online                    CLIENTS COVERED

                                                                        69   HUSTLING AND HARD WORK
              FIA INTERMEDIARY                                          72   FOSTERING BETTER CYBER HYGIENE
             These are the financial product                            74   SMART DASHCAMS ARE CHANGING FLEET
                providers you can trust                                      MANAGEMENT
                                                                        76   TELEMATICS IN MINING

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