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Lizelle van der Merwe, FIA CEO


                     FROM OUR CEO

                     The New FIA Strategy

                           his edition of the magazine provides insights on   This includes fair treatment of clients and transformation
                           the impact of digitization and how it’s becoming   that supports inclusive and sustainable economic growth
                    Tmore difficult for industries to gain clients limited   in South Africa.
                     attention. Members are no different, to be relevant in an ever-
                     changing industry, the FIA had to refresh its strategic priorities   I would like to highlight to the readers who we are –
                     to meet expectations of members and stakeholders.  the FIA is a community of professional advisory and
                                                            intermediary businesses that firmly believe:
                     In February 2022, the FIA Board and senior management
                     team met in Sandton to review the FIA Strategy for the   •  that clients benefit from independent financial advice
                     next 3 years. The previous strategy implemented from   and intermediary services.
                     November 2017 to December 2021, focused on increasing   •  that professional intermediaries play a very important
                     membership value, building a center of intelligence,   role in the South African economy as they are
                     improving the FIA’s level of representation, and enabling   instrumental to significant economic activity and much
                     transformation. Despite several challenges during this   needed job creation.
                     period, including capacitating the organization from   •  that professionalism is an imperative for the
                     “ground up” and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic,   sustainability of the intermediary model.
                     many of the outcomes were achieved.    •  that development supports transformation of
                                                               the sector.
                     The FIA is one of the four recognized trade associations in
                     the financial services sector. The other trade associations   Our mission is to guard, develop, promote, and
                     represent banks, life insurers and non-life insurers.   represent professional advisory and intermediary
                                                            communities, that work together to secure a sustainable
                     In the period ahead, the FIA will strongly be focusing on   future for advisory businesses, for the benefit of clients and
                     implementing three strategic pillars to secure a sustainable   all stakeholders in the financial services industry.
                     and inclusive future for professional intermediary businesses,
                     for the benefit of clients and all other stakeholders in the   Our vision is to be a trusted source and preferred
                     financial services industry. The strategic pillars include   voice for advisors and intermediaries in South Africa.
                     Professional and Organisational Development,
                     Representation and Advocacy and Financial Sector and   The board also spent time challenging the
                     Market Information to promote the value of advice and   core values which the FIA rests upon. It
                     intermediary services. The strategic pillars will also assist in   was agreed that respect, credibility,
                     addressing the inhibitors and gaps identified by the board.   professionalism, commitment,
                                                            and passion will form the    We value our relationships
                     Professional and Organisational Development will   foundation on which we serve our   with our members a great
                     focus on skills development, consumer education and   members and industry at large.  deal. Our door is always open
                     transformation. Advocacy and Representation will                    and you are welcome to
                     focus on building capacity in our regulatory department to   We are very excited about this   contact us at any time to share
                     influence and guide policy and regulatory developments in   new chapter. We believe that   whatever is on your mind.
                     a constructive manner that leads to positive outcomes for   members and stakeholders   We’d love to hear from you.
                     stakeholders. Financial Sector and Market Intelligence   will experience greater value
                     will assist in obtaining relevant information and interpret   and support from the FIA.  Lizelle
                     data to engage stakeholders in a meaningful manner.   I wish to express my deepest
                                                            thanks to ALL members for
                     The FIA will continue to engage with all relevant   their support. Everything we have
                     stakeholders to ensure that our actions effectively   achieved and still aspire to achieve is
                     contribute towards the strategic priorities of the sector.   for the benefit of our members.

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