Executive Outlook 2022: Seamus Casserly, CEO of Lockton South Africa

Executive Outlook 2022
Seamus Casserly, CEO of Lockton South Africa

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  1. What are your thoughts on employees returning to a conventional office setting?
    It is essential. We are an IP business, and collaboration for the best solution is great for clients. That said I think it is inevitable that a hybrid work solution is very likely.
  2. As the pandemic recedes, how do you see the competition for talent on teams?
    It will increase but there will be a wariness not to grow costs too much in case of another Covid (or other) pandemic.
  3. Consumers' expectations around product delivery and service have changed as a result of Covid-19, how do you foresee insurance adapting to this?
    Greater use of technology. Self-driven access to information. Greater analysis requirement.
  4. What are your thoughts on the prospect of more face-to-face interactions with clients?
    Great, as we have not changed despite the infection rate. We have occupied premises since June 2020. We always met any client that was happy to meet observing Covid protocols, but we restricted visitors to us.
  5. With the acceleration of digital transformation and AI, what data-driven solutions are you exploring or promoting?
    None other than for volume claims. We are in the major loss business and that is how we should be measured.
  6. How do you see advisory businesses growing in the future?
    Resurging as clients want more IP applied to their risk. Emphasis will be on treatment rather than transfer as premiums are increasing.