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FAIS Conference 2018: Impending regulatory and compliance matters that are relevant to all



The Financial Services Board (FSB) recently held its Annual Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Conference. Our CEO, Lizelle van der Merwe, was the keynote speaker at the various venues and feedback from our members that attended, confirms the outstanding quality and importance of her message.

The links below give access to the FAIS Conference 2018 presentations on impending regulatory and compliance matters that are relevant to all.
The changing role of the intermediary, by Lizelle van der Merwe, CEO of the FIA:

  • An industry outlook from an intermediary perspective
  • The changing role of the intermediary
  • How will intermediaries continue to add value to the South African economy

Legislative developments, by Loraine van Deventer, Senior Legal Specialist:

  • Legislative Amendments
  • Fit and Proper Transitional Requirements
  • General Code of Conduct
  • Guidance Note
  • Legal Pronouncements

From the Supervision desk, by Felicity Mabaso, Head of Supervision:

  • FSP and compliance officer numbers from 2016 to 2018
  • The process followed in the supervisory approach to the point when data collected can be analysed
  • Feedback on theme visits – the focus areas and problems identified at Category l FSPs without compliance officers Category l FSPs with juristic representatives
  • Concerns raised about operational ability of key individuals, supervision of representatives and compliance functions
  • Feedback on 2017/18 projects
  • Theme visits for 2018/19 that will include a focus on FICA and implementation measures

Digital innovation and financial technology: Global and local perspectives, by Farzana Badat, Head of Insurance Compliance:

  • Digitization fact findings and other research
  • Are robots taking over?
  • Interesting facts on Africa opportunities
  • The growth of Fintech in South Africa and global adoption rates
  • What makes an “effective” regulator?
  • Regulatory objectives and challenges under Twin Peaks
  • Questions for a digitally savvy regulator
  • Rethinking of the regulatory strategy
  • We must all adapt …. or die!

The presentations can also be accessed on the FSB website main page at Latest News. Click on the link: http://www.fsb.co.za/Pages/Home.aspx.