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Member’s notice | FSCA central representative register



This general notice is relevant to all members

The link provided below is a guideline to complete the representative register in Excel format for submission to the FSCA. FSPs must at all-time ensure that they adhere to these guidelines.

The representative register remains the responsibility of the FSP and the FSP must keep the register up to date and do the reconciliations where necessary.

All information regarding the licensed business, including the representatives registered on the license, is available on the FSCA website. The FSCA will send you a copy of the representatives currently on the register on their database, but will not reconcile it on your behalf. To request this please email faispfc@fsca.co.za.

When annual levy invoices are issued, the FSP will be invoiced for representatives and key individuals on the license as on the FSCA’s database as at 31 August every year. The register has to be maintained by the FSP on an on-going basis as changes occur – it has to be submitted within 15 days of the change taking place. To ensure the register is correct for the annual levies, changes must be submitted before 31 August as no changes submitted after 31 August will be taken into account i.r.o. the annual levies.

Members are welcome to contact our National Manager: Compliance, Joe Kotzé at joe@fia.org.za or 087 945 5381 for any further information.