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In the news | 13 July 2018



The FIA strives to keep abreast with the constant evolution of the consumer, business and legislative landscape. In line with ensuring that our members are up to date with current affairs, here are the top stories from the industry this week.

Cover Publication

  • FPI withdraws from conducting FAIS regulatory exams
    Following the recent announcement by the FSCA to suspend FPI’s authority to conduct FAIS regulatory examinations, the FPI Board announced that it has temporarily withdrawn its status as an examination body for FAIS regulatory examinations. Read more
  • ITOO launches ITOO ClassicsLeading South African niche underwriter
    Leading South African niche underwriter – ITOO Special Risks, launches ITOO Classics, a specialist product that covers a range of risks explicitly associated with classic cars. Read more

  • Knysna finds a new cooperage community spirit
    A year down the line counting the costs of the Knysna fires has translated into a more harmonious community brought together by the catastrophe, a community that is applying lessons learnt after what is considered one of South Africa’s most severe wildfires. Read more


  • Solving a complex equation
    Millennials have been under discussion for quite a while now as this group of people are a new group of clients we are trying to understand and do business with. The reality is that there are several characteristics that need to be taken into account when dealing with these clients. Read more
  • An impossible reality for some
    As healthcare systems around the world move towards achieving universal healthcare, efforts to move towards action plans seem an impossible reality for some. Read more