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Following the announcement of the FIA panel of CPD providers who offer approved CPD on all FSCA product categories. We are giving you additional information on each of the partners providing CPD hours. We will be doing this over the next few weeks.

This week we focus on Integrity Academy. This esteemed partner is an accredited training provider and carries CPD recognition with the IISA and FPI for various online modules.  A discounted rate has been offered to FIA members for which a discount coupon is granted upon verification of FIA membership.

Kindly note that with reference to FPI approval 1 CPD point = 1 CPD hour

As a fully accredited training provider with INSETA and QCTO, we comply with the FSCA requirements laid down in Board Notice 194 of 2017. 

If you need a seamless, easy to access, easy to proceed with your training requirements provider, you have found the provider in financial services industry, offering an online, no hassle approach to your needs.

We offer you a comprehensive training offering covering all your requirements and more, at a high-speed service delivery. Our coupon system enables you to gain 24/7, 365 days a year access within a split second, removing money out of the system at the representative level.

Our offering:

  1. NQF 4 & 5 Qualifications for Short-Term and Wealth Management
  2. Regulatory Exam support that works, see the testimonials
  3. Complete Class of Business Training in a seamless online offering
  4. CPD offering, which can be expanded to more than 120  programmes
  5. iPhone and Android Cell Phone applications on the go for offline access
  6. The comprehensive interactive downloadable online recordkeeping system
  7. Voucher recon system, to inform you how your money is spent and by whom.
  8. 130 Soft Skills Training programmes with video and audio support
  9. Microsoft online training for your staff.
  10. And more, please visit our website: www.integrityacademy.co.za