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Breast cancer: Overcoming the financial battle



Breast Cancer Awareness month in South Africa and globally this October is a reminder of the importance of having the right critical illness cover as part of the financial mix for complete peace of mind.

According to statistics from the National Cancer Registry (NCR) 2014, breast cancer is one of the top five cancers affecting women in South Africa. The study also found that about 19.4 million women over the age of 15 and older are at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer – and South African women are affected the most.  Male breast cancer, is less common at 1% however no less impactful. At PPS, cancer is the number one condition for critical illness sickness benefits at 53%.

While medical advancements and continued research into the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and other life threatening illnesses have grown in leaps and bounds, lessening the risks and impact for those who have been diagnosed, the resulting financial burden can be just as debilitating. 

Similarly, the financial services insurance industry has invested years of studying to understand the impact of this disease. This has enabled us to create more flexible solutions to help members overcome the financial battle.

The PPS Critical Illness cover answers these and other vital questions such as

  • ‘can I afford to pay for extra medical treatment not covered by medical aid?’,
  • ‘what will happen to my family if I can no longer work due to illness’ and
  • ‘will I be able to pay for any lifestyle events?’

We understand that dealing with a critical illness such as cancer is not easy. That is why we have simplified the cover definition and claims criteria so that our members know exactly what they are covered for and how they will be assessed. 

At the same time, we are aware that circumstances may change – no day is the same – and for this, we give our members choice and flexibility by offering different options that vary on the type and level of cover required.

These are:

  • PPS Critical Illness Cover – the benefit pays a percentage (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) of the sum assured and depends on the severity of the disease. 
  • PPS Critical Illness Core 100% – this covers cancer fully regardless of the severity level. All other listed conditions are paid a percentage, depending on the severity level.
  • PPS Critical Illness CI 100% – covers all listed critical illnesses at 100%, irrespective of the severity level and offers a greater peace and mind.

In addition, the benefit pays out a lump sum amount depending on the severity of the condition (stage 4 cancer would, for example, qualify for a 100% pay out whereas stage 1 qualifies members for a 25% pay out).

Being diagnosed with a critical illness is a frightening experience. Before waiting for the warning sign, it is recommended to plan for life’s unforeseen events and how these will be handled.

Having critical illness cover in place provides peace of mind in during the challenging times.

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