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PPS Investments launches new partnership fund range



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PPS Investments partnered with three of South Africa’s most reputable boutique asset managers – Sasfin Wealth, 36ONE Asset Management and Tantalum Capital, to launch the first three single-manager funds within its new Partnership Fund range.

These Regulation 28 compliant funds are structured across fund categories and risk profiles. The PPS Defensive Fund (managed by Sasfin Wealth) aims to outperform the ASISA low equity category while the PPS Stable Growth Fund (managed by Tantalum Capital) aims to outperform the ASISA medium equity category. The more aggressive fund, the PPS Managed Fund (managed by 3ONE Asset Management) will aim to return CPI+5 rolling 5-year periods and the fund will be more aggressive than the traditional multi-asset SA high equity fund.

“Relying on our expertise of finding appropriate managers for our portfolios through in-depth research and a strict due diligence process, we are pleased to have partnered with these managers to offer this bespoke range of expertly managed funds. We believe that these managers will add enormous value through their proven investment philosophies, experience and expertise,” says Hugo Malherbe, Executive of Product Development at PPS Investments.

This new fund range complements PPS Investments’ current multi-manager fund range, which has a successful ten-year track record, to offer investors a unique opportunity for added diversification.

“We believe that our investors should have access to different investment styles for optimal diversification in their investment portfolios. As such, through these Partnership Funds we are giving investors an opportunity to further diversify by combining a multi-manager and single-manager philosophy into their investment portfolios,” adds Malherbe.

The manager research performed by PPS Multi-Managers encompasses both a quantitative and qualitative research process. The quantitative research involves analysing the past performance of the manager within the environment in which such performance was achieved. Furthermore, understanding the environment is important to assess whether a manager performed as expected given that different investment styles are better suited to take advantage of market opportunities at different times in the cycle.

The qualitative aspect of the process is subjective by its nature.  This involves robust engagements with managers to test the outcomes from the quantitative analysis. This also includes unpacking various aspects of their business, the investment strategy and the macroeconomic environment to ascertain how performance could be impacted going forward.

Investors can access the funds on the PPS Investments platform either through the multi-manager offerings or directly into the Partnership Fund range.