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Why Funeral Cover is Critical



When going through times of financial strain, one way that people try to save costs is by cancelling their policies. Funeral cover is not as high on the list as rent, groceries, school fees and more but when the unthinkable happens – and the scariest part of life is that it can happen at any moment – your funeral policy will jump up more than a few places on your list of priorities, according to Mosaic Funeral Group.

A funeral is the best way to say good bye to someone special. The coming together of family and friends of the deceased and being united in grief can be a source of comfort and can help to begin the healing process. Having a funeral cover in place will ensure that you or your loved ones will get the dignified farewell they deserve.

Don’t prolong the process

Not having a funeral cover in place can delay the funeral of a loved one by days or even weeks. This prolongs the grief of a family by not having the chance to say a proper goodbye. Without a funeral cover, money needs to be gathered together and in most cases, loans and credit need to be secured before any organising and planning can take place.

Cash on Hand

Even if you have a decent nest egg built up by the time you pass away, the reality is that your estate may be tied up for months, or even years, after you die. Until all legal proceedings are finalized, your family won’t have access to this money, so they won’t be able to use any of it to pay for your funeral. A funeral plan means the funeral can be planned and paid with no hassle.

High and Dry

As mentioned above, even if you have a decent amount of money when you die, your family may not be able to use it for a very long time. If they have to pay for your funeral out of pocket, they may end up compromising on other payments. This can land them in serious financial trouble and unable to make their budget stretch from month to month.

Dodging Debt

When a loved one passes and does not have a funeral cover, many families end up going into debt to cover the costs of the funeral. They make loans and take out credit which can end up taking years to pay back, let’s not even mention the exorbitant interest rates they will end up paying. Having a good funeral cover means your family can mourn without having an added financial strain.

Why Mosaic Funeral Group’s cover will work for you

Mosaic Funeral Group will take over the financial strain of planning and paying for a funeral. Quick and easy to apply, great value and service and a no-hassle claims process means that you will have peace of mind and your family will be in good hands when you are gone. With family and individual cover with a range of benefits and options, Mosaic Funeral Group is the obvious choice in funeral cover.