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FIA Insight March 2019 magazine



The March edition of the FIA Insight magazine hits the shelves this week. 

In this issue of FIA Insight – themed “Collaboration breeds success” – we hear from a number of thought leaders in the industry on how working together leads to incredible outcomes for everyone involved.

Lizelle van der Merwe and Arnold van der Linde talk to us about the involvement of the FIA in the PPGI (Public and Private Growth Initiative). “By participating in the PPGI, the FIA is contributing towards stronger relations between business and government while raising awareness of the important role that intermediaries play in the financial services sector. As an employer of more than 250 000 people, the financial services sector is responsible for around 20% of GDP in South Africa. That’s a hefty contribution to the economy!”

Winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2018 (which the 2019 edition also features on page 44), Nox Dlamini discusses the importance of the insurance industry supporting entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurship, as a factor of production, remains vital for economic growth. However, South Africa’s survival rates for new enterprises continue to be precariously low. There are many reasons attributed to this, but we believe that a low resilience to risk is a highly overlooked one.”

We also take a look at the FPI and their fresh start under the leadership of Stephanie Pillay. “Like any NGO we have to have an efficient business model to thrive, but profit should never be the core focus. The FPI owes everything to its members and, by extension, their clients.”

The collaboration in a system and company is also discussed by Innosys. “All businesses, large and small, are under pressure to find efficiencies. You’re missing half the picture if you look for these only within your business. Finding more effective approaches to working with services providers, suppliers and other external stakeholders is a powerful way to improve business for everyone.”

And keep an eye out for the regular spots like Broker titbits, where brokers are encouraged to write in voicing their opinions.