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The complexity of repairing a chipped windscreen



If you ask someone to list the most important parts of a car, they will probably mention something under the bonnet; the radiator, engine, battery or alternator, but, have you ever given much thought to the importance of a windscreen? Driving with a damaged windscreen is one of the easiest ways to put your life in danger.

Apart from decreased visibility, a damaged windscreen provides less protection from an accident that may occur whilst driving. Now, if windscreens do not get the recognition they deserve, you can imagine how much worse it is for the Technicians who have to install, repair and replace them.

If you have had the pleasure of seeing your chip being repaired by one of our PG Glass Medic® Technicians the process may have seemed simple, but a number of factors could throw a spanner in the procedure, let us unpack a bit of the chip repair process at a PG Glass Fitment Centre.

A PG Glass Technician must first assess the area where the damage is located. If any other part of the windscreen is chipped, for instance the impact point is positioned at a minimum of 3cm from the visible edge of the glass, certain factors such as the length and the diameter of the chip damage are assessed as these can restrict the PG Glass Medic® Technician from repairing the windscreen. Let us suppose the chip took place in a “repairable” area of the windscreen, the PG Glass Medic® Technician now has to determine what type of chip you have on your windscreen. Once the chip has been identified, the next step is to prepare the chipped area for the repair process. Thereafter, the PG Glass Medic® Technician will then use the PG Glass Medic® Repair Technology on the chipped area.

Once the chip repair process is done, your windscreen should be restored to its 100% strength and integrity. PG Glass Medic® Technicians are the unsung heroes of the automotive industry. If automotive Technicians were a band, chip repair Technicians would probably be the bassist; almost overlooked, but crucial to the group.

Now that you know how complex the windscreen repair procedure is; are you willing to run the risk of letting someone who is not qualified do the job? We think not!

For quality windscreen repair or windscreen replacement, make PG Glass your only option.

With over 112 Fitment Centre’s nationwide, you should not have any trouble finding a Fitment Centre near you, and when you get to a Fitment Centre, spare a thought for all the Technicians who will work on your windscreen.