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FIA Intermediary Experience Awards



The name of the FIA awards was changed to truly encapsulate what the awards have always been about – members overall experience with their product partners. The 2019 FIA Intermediary Experience Awards, celebrates those product partners who invest in the pillars as defined by intermediaries. “The lack of clarity in the industry regarding what was being measured in this survey was a real concern for me” says Lizelle van der Merwe, CEO of the FIA.

“We believe that the overall experience should be considered when completing the survey. It is not only about paying claims, it’s about the service they provide, it’s about the quality of the relationship and the willingness to engage and support the intermediary to underwrite the client fairly, correctly and to provide the best value for the customer. ” explains van der Merwe.

“This year the ranking and diagnostic questionnaire has been combined to create a holistic view for product suppliers of what is crucial in each service experience dimension.” explains Director of Client Experience of Ask Africa, Sarina de Beer. “The aim was also to innovate the research process so members only need to complete the questionnaire once. The survey can also be accessed through an online platform anywhere, at any time, from any device (computer/ smartphone/ tablet). The Ask Afrika call centre will also contact members telephonically to assist with the completion of the survey.”

The survey is currently underway. If you have not received your unique link, please contact questions@fia.org.za.

The FIA Intermediary Experience Awards Pillars have been created to visually display what members regard to be important in their business relationship with their product partners.


 FIA Intermediary Experience Awards

The Intermediary Experience Awards will be taking place on 1 August at an exciting new venue in Joburg. 

You can book your ticket here.