What's Happening?

thryve opens Canadian office to boost its fast-growing market



thryve, a leading provider of insurance, risk and governance technology solutions, is proud to announce the opening of an office in Canada. Located in the vibrant city of Toronto, this branch of thryve looks forward to tapping the fast-emerging and growing digital Canadian market.

“The technology sector in Canada is growing at an incredible rate,” said Neer Rama, Force Solutions Product Manager at thryve. “We believe that this is the right time to enter the market and offer our cutting edge risk and insurance solutions to a wider audience.”

thryve already operates offices in Johannesburg, as well as in London. The expansion into Canada comes at a time when that country’s technology ambitions are booming. Canadian businesses have been quietly yet prolifically transforming to make use of digital technologies. The demand for technology skills reflects this demand: according to the CBRE’s Scoring Tech Talent Report, Toronto has created more technology jobs in 2018 than San Francisco and Washington combined.

This has attracted thryve, which uses modern and emerging technologies to help companies improve their operations and get the most out of modern business systems. Opening its doors on 1 July 2019, thryve Canada aims to entice medium to large businesses to its globally-leading cloud-based risk, insurance and CRM products. As a partner of Salesforce and Riskonnect, as well as developer of its own internal insurance administration systems, thryve is perfectly positioned to deliver transformational services to Canadian organisations, matched by the resilient and cost-conscious culture bred through its South African operations.

“In this market, you don’t win by selling and forgetting,” said Sean Pyott, thryve MD. “You have to continually deliver value to your customers. At thryve, we’ve been able to deliver on this promise, despite tough market conditions, and our customers know us to be resilient, innovative and ready to walk the talk. I believe this proposition will flow well with Canadian businesses who want technology transformation partners with proven track records, established resiliency and a focus on continually delivering value. It’s a great opportunity to have Neer and his team take that proposition to the Canadian market. It’s going to be a great match.”

As part of establishing itself in the market, thryve is narrowing its offerings for Canada. There will be a major focus on the insurance industry, such as bringing the powerful Salesforce for Insurance CRM to the market. Another emphasis will be on wholesale solutions for Mutual Insurance companies, as well as tailoring thryve’s services to meet the different demands in Canada’s diverse insurance environment.

thryve is also an expert at risk/GRC-related solutions and covers all verticals with its integrated risk management solutions. This includes management of insurable risks, enterprise risk management, compliance management and more. It specialises in integrating different platforms and data sources, helping show the way for digital transformation that lasts and has a real impact.

Canada’s appetite for digital services is both large and demanding. Only the best are able to serve such a globally-leading, technology-fueled country. As it opens its first office in the dynamic North American market, thryve is confident that it will become a valuable and sought-after partner for Canadian businesses.