What's Happening?

The Collaborative Exchange has published South Africa’s first independant platform survey



The FIA has arranged to offer the Collaborative Exchange’s 2018 South African Platform Survey to all FIA members for free. This has been made possible by contributions from several members, including amongst others, MitonOptimal and Wealth Associates.

Full details on how to access the survey can be found on the FIA website

In a joint statement from MitonOptimal and Wealth Associates, they had the following to say

“MitonOptimal and Wealth Associates are pleased to sponsor the distribution of the Collaborative Exchange’s Platform Survey to all FIA members. We understand the importance of Advisors utilising the appropriate platform for their clients, as well as the impending regulation which will insist Advisors officially justify their platform choice/s. The time, effort and expertise required to perform such a due diligence is onerous and a potential business risk if not done appropriately. The Collaborative Exchange used their expertise and resources to devise a set of questions, resulting in the Platform Survey, that will enable Advisors to perform a thorough and necessary due diligence on the various platforms, in a time and cost-efficient way. 

“As Investment Managers and Partners, MitonOptimal and Wealth Associates believe in supporting Advisors wherever we can to enable them to de-risk their businesses and focus on their clients’ needs – making this survey accessible to FIA members is another way that we can achieve this.”

“The FIA supports any independent research/survey that assists financial advisors in generating independent insights and conducting proper due-diligence into the products, services and corporate structures of any financial service provider (FSP) in South Africa” – Marc du Plooy, chair of the DIMs executive committee at the FIA.

Please note that this survey may not be reproduced or distributed to other parties without the express consent of The Collaborative Exchange (Pty) Ltd and is therefore only for the internal use of the recipient.