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Snap-It – your own-branded insurance app



Insurtech is the current fourth industrial revolution, digitisation is at the order of the day, computers are communicating without human intervention, autonomous vehicles, microchip implants, machine learning robots, only to mention a few, are all here to stay. We are living the reality of smart factories and a new dawn of technological innovation.

At every conference, every broker breakfast we attend, every insurance magazine we open, insurtech is mentioned. Conferences are being held around the globe with insurtech being the buzzword of late. Times are changing fast; even our strategic business partners are using apps and doing virtual sales to complement their distribution channels. “Trov” is popping up all over the world, Hollard introduced us to “Naked”, Compass and Bryte went fruitful with “Pineapple” and “Granadilla”, Constantia came up with “Ja-Sure”. So what will follow next?

Our own brokerages will become more proactive and less time will be wasted if we embrace the technology insurtech is delivering. For the first time your technology will elevate your revenue with relatively little human input required. But that is on condition you do it well and adopt the correct technology to enhance your expertise. A network of computers is more efficient to share information, capturing our data, than humanly possible. It is all there at your fingertips. The true power of Revolution 4.0 is upon us, whether we like it or not. 

A new opportunity has arrived which is truly ground-breaking, a reality check in many ways catering for the expectations of the “new client”. But speed is of the essence; the expression “first come, first served” has never been truer. Our landscape has changed forever. How many insurers are there prepared to support your initiative? It is a short term window of opportunity for insurers and brokers alike to use digital platforms and make it part of their value proposition? Doing so will set them apart from the competition and thus create a uniqueness in their offer. The self-explanatory concept of “being out there” from the origin, from the beginning, needs no elaboration. Don’t be oblivious to the challenges; embrace them and optimise the offer with a proactive approach… make this revolution your own. 

At Snap-It we have captured the core of short term insurance, the offer, the service, the support and the “promise we made”. We have learnt from practical involvement, we’ve been taught by our own mistakes and reproduced the initiative for you in one awesome app. 

Snap-it is a white label app that can easily be changed to resemble any broker or insurer’s look and feel. Snap-it gives you the opportunity to create your own online app at a fraction of the cost of developing from scratch. “Insurance-on-the-go”, “on-demand”… it does not matter how you refer to it, it is insurance cover for when your client requires it. Your client decides daily, weekly or the traditional monthly insurance to be purchased. Yes, you read right. There is a “daily” option: no more wasting premium where the risk is within your client’s ability to manage.

We ventured on your behalf, combined our experiences, summarised the intention of the competition, requested the input of many and now we are ready to roll out and supply the need. We are there to support you, not only in the supply of this awesome app but also an alternative to the norm, offering an amazing business opportunity, too.

Please see www.snapitcover.com and contact us at hello@snapitcover.com. You can also watch our informative video here.

This advertorial was supplied and paid for by Snap-It Cover.