What's Happening?

Saray Khumalo partners with Momentum Multiply on Grand Slam expedition



On 26 November 2019, Momentum Multiply announced it will be partnering with Saray Khumalo as its official brand ambassador. Through Khumalo’s greater purpose to improve the lives of our younger generation, she emerged as a natural fit for Momentum Multiply.

CEO of Momentum Multiply, Zureida Ebrahim, said: “We are excited to partner with Khumalo and want to celebrate every step with her on her rewarding journey to success. Our brands support clients with personalised financial advice and quality product solutions. Momentum Multiply further rewards people for saving more, living healthier and being safer. We believe people should improve their wellness by doing the things they already do every day. Khumalo is one such individual and her journey inspired us to make the partnership official.”

“With this new partnership, we also celebrate and support Saray, not only as a mountaineer but in all aspects of her life. The journey to success is paved with many challenges and Saray is testament that one does not reach the top alone – she not only climbed with a professional support team but also with the backing of 57 million South Africans,” Ebrahim said.

At the event, Khumalo summited Mount Everest yet again – this time with members of the media in tow via virtual reality. Guests were able to retrace Khumalo’s climb as she guided them throughout the experience. She gave journalists key insights into her mental and physical state, her thoughts, feelings and the importance of support at each critical point leading to the summit.

Khumalo highlighted the significance of this partnership. “Failure shapes success and ultimately shapes a person. Although it takes a lot of inner strength to conquer the challenges we face, it’s also important to draw on the strength of our support teams to overcome difficulties on our journeys. I’ve learnt that a quest such as this is impossible on my own, and I am excited to partner with Momentum Multiply.”

Khumalo made history being the first black African woman to summit Mount Everest in May this year. She is now setting out to break more records, aiming to be the first African to complete the Explorer Grand Slam, which involves reaching the North Pole, the South Pole and all of the seven highest peaks on the seven continents. Having already summited four of the seven peaks, she has three summits and two poles to reach, which she aims to complete by June 2020. There are only 67 people in the world who have completed this challenge to date.

Ebrahim concludes: “As a business, we continuously strive to reach new heights, as such it is a privilege to be associated with someone who continues to conquer so much on her journey to success.”