What's Happening?

Compass Insure enters a strategic partnership with Natsure



Compass Insurance Company has announced a strategic partnership with Natsure Underwriting Managers, with effect from 1 April 2020.  

Paul Carragher, managing director of Compass Insure, says: “We are very excited about the new opportunities that the collaborative partnership will create for Compass Insure and Natsure.

“Compass Insure and Natsure have deeply rooted expertise in the Delegated Authority Insurance business model, both focusing on business strategies of sustainability and creating opportunities and realising potential.”

Tersia Davey, managing director of the Natsure Group, says: “The new partnership is a strategic fit for both parties with Natsure offering a bouquet of niche short term insurance products and Compass Insure, understanding and creating a platform for the realization of solid business strategies and potential. We are very excited to see the full potential of this partnership unfold.”  

Compass Insure has a GCR national scale financial strength rating of AA-(ZA); with a stable outlook.

Compass Insure is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hannover Reinsurance Africa Limited.