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FIA Insight | Digital Issue Out Now!



Insight instantly.

You are paging through this magazine with a swipe of a finger, tap, or click of a button, depending on where you are, the office or at home on the couch? And depending on your choice of electronic medium, whether it is your smartphone or laptop.

We have been thinking in this digital direction for some time but the lockdown regulations gave us the final nudge to publish the latest issue of FIA Insight digitally. It is the same quality content, only in a neat digital package. It is easy to share, quick to navigate, and, frankly, it is the future. Don’t get us wrong, we love the feel and experience of a print magazine, but we also have to acknowledge digital and its potential for you, our partners, and for the FIA, enabling us to spread our message and insights as far and wide as possible – and track our digital reach.

Once the lockdown regulations allow for it, FIA Insight will be distributed in print and digital. This in itself opens up a host of opportunities.

Enjoy this first digital edition of FIA Insight magazine, we look forward to capitalising on the digital elements at hand even further in the next issue.

Click on the following link to access the publication https://www.fia.org.za/Publication/publications.html

Warm regards,
The FIA Team