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Why do businesses need to be insured?



With considerably more money involved than in the average household, few, if any, businesses can risk not having insurance cover. This may seem like an obvious statement, but have you ever considered the specific reasons why your business should be covered? In this post, we delve into some of those reasons to illustrate how important proper cover is for a business.


Those day-to-day mishaps

A business is every bit as susceptible, if not more, to loss or damage as a household. From the actual buildings to the furniture and fittings, to office and workshop equipment, to business vehicles – all of these represent a considerable investment. That’s why every business should be covered against fire, theft and a myriad of other risks that may cause a loss of productivity and income. 

Business interruption

Businesses depend on output to be profitable, and a myriad of things can interrupt the process. Business Interruption covers businesses against lost turnover, sales, revenue or income as a result of loss of or damage to the business property. 

Cover against the unexpected

Acts of Nature – accidents or events not caused by human hands such as floods, tornados, hurricanes and fires caused by lightning – may not readily come to mind when you think about business risks, but can wreak as much havoc on a business as any other hazard. Having cover against these unexpected events is absolutely crucial, since the damage they can cause may run into millions. 

Legal liability

Today’s consumers are very aware of their rights, and the Consumer Protection Act for instance, makes it easy for them to find legal recourse if a product or service is not what they paid for, or worse, causes them physical or monetary damage. While most businesses take due care to try to prevent this from occurring, it is all but impossible to control every variable. Liability insurance allows business owners to stop worrying, and concentrate on what they do best – running a successful business. 

On the shoulders of a giant

If you’re looking for business insurance, it pays to look at one of the giants of the industry: Auto & General offers industry-leading commercial insurance backed by more than three decades of experience. This allowed them to combine traditional commercial insurance policy terms with more flexible options that have been tailored to suit more than 700 different business types. In addition, all Auto & General Commercial Insurance policies include Business Assist, a product that offers a host of services like: Office Assist, IT Helpdesk, Tender Assist, Financial Advice, Digital Presence, Business Concierge, Emergency Medical Assist, Collections Assist, Safe Drive & Convenience Drive -specifically designed to assist businesses with their growth and sustainability. 

Auto & General Commercial Insurance leaves business owners free to focus their attention on what they do best — operating productive and profitable businesses.