What's Happening?

Sasria set to launch new technologically advanced claims management system this November



Customer satisfaction, easy and stress-free accessibility and staying abreast with technological advances – is always at the top of every service provider. That is why Sasria, South Africa’s special risk insurer, is launching a more ‘refined’ claims management system at the end of November. 

Sasria will be replacing its claims management system with an advanced alternative that can help take the business further and make life easier for the insurer and the client when they need to access the company’s claims services. This new software, provided by Guidewire Software, promises to deliver an enhanced digital experience not just to its customers, but also to its agent companies. 

“Digitisation is at the centre of every institution that deals with customers and for us as an insurance provider, this will definitely go a long way in meeting our strategic goals, which are digitization and customer focus,” says Sasria Chief Information Officer, Sam Nkosi. 

“We look forward to our IT team delivering a platform that will ensure the sustainability, flexibility and agility of our business, and position us to anticipate and respond better to our changing customer needs,” says Mr Nkosi. 

Insurance companies deal with large volumes of documents, which often hinders the efficiency of daily processing, fast delivery on customer claims as well as overall workflows throughout the organisation. 

What will this mean for the customer? Sasria has taken into account the need to put customer needs and satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. It is of utmost importance for us to be able to give our customers timeous and efficient service – meaning less queues, faster processing and less back and forth. This is one of the reasons Sasria is launching this new system – to prove that customers are the heart of this business; to let them know that their needs come first and that Sasria will always thrive to ensure that they are never, in any way inconvenienced by the many requirements of the claims processes.

For insurance providers and agents, the system will enable access to higher quality, enriched data, allowing management to better understand their customer requirements. The system can also assist with fraud detection and any other criminal activity through digital searches or links helping Sasria and the agent companies to make informed and rapid decisions. The new claims management system will also be beneficial for cost reduction, ensure data accuracy to avoid costly errors and delays. 

“Getting this system is going to be a huge investment to our entire operation and will most certainly make for better service delivery and improved customer satisfaction,” Mr Nkosi concludes. 

Sasria is an authorised FSP registered under license number 39117