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Indwe gets tough on crime



“The rising violent crime level in our country is something that can no longer be ignored by business,” says Peter Olyott, managing director of Indwe Risk Services. “It is because we share a concern for our lives and those of our loved ones, that we have decided to act in the interests of our clients, by providing them with a solution to protect them when they are exposed to the threat of violent crime,” says Olyott.

RESQ1 addresses the need for protection when one’s home alarm security company is out of reach, in situations like vehicle breakdowns on the roadside, accidents or facing arrest at a roadblock. “Our clients’ safety is our number one priority and we felt that it would be irresponsible of us to not provide this vital service. Our partnership with RESQ1 has been welcomed by our clients and has thus far provided a strong supporting hand to those who are already using the service,” explains Olyott.

The success behind the service 

Genevieve Bosman, managing director of RESQ1, says that the success behind the service is due to the commitment and professionalism of the people within Indwe, RESQ1 as well as its armed response unit. The 24-hour emergency service team coordinates nationwide emergency responses from its control room and headquarters based at the Rand Airport in Johannesburg. For more than 20 years, RESQ1 has been providing hijack management and vehicle recovery services to 90% of the vehicle tracking industry.

“The difference,” according to Bosman, “is that our teams are trained to handle situations where your average alarm response teams cannot and will not engage. The coordination between our two management centres not only provide backup in case of multiple emergencies, but also provide crisis management and customer support, freeing up the security operations team to focus on deploying a response unit to the scene as quickly as possible,” explains Bosman.  

Emergency protection in action 

Our client contacted RESQ1 to inform them that his daughter’s vehicle had broken down in a remote area in Centurion. At first, his daughter had said that she contacted her own service provider for roadside assistance and that she did not require additional assistance. 

RESQ1 dispatched a response team anyway as the operator knew the area where her car had broken down. It is remote and a thoroughfare for vagrants and alike and is also covered with growth and bushes making it an excellent hideaway for criminals. 

The operator advised her to get into her vehicle, lock the doors, stay calm and to not engage with anyone should she be approached.

The operator had no sooner dispatched the reaction team when passers-by were knocking on her windows. The reaction team arrived on the scenes in 10 minutes and the young woman was safe. The service provider of our client’s daughter arrived 25 minutes later than the RESQ1 team – 45 minutes after confirming that a team would arrive on the scene!

Using RESQ1 

The RESQ1 24-hour emergency protection service is available to Indwe policyholders for only R89 per month, over and above the policyholder’s monthly premium. A separate monthly debit order will be debited for the RESQ1 premium. Policyholders can utilise RESQ1 when under duress, any time of day, in the following circumstances:

  • Vehicle breakdowns
  • Accidents
  • Vehicle theft
  • Hijackings
  • Home invasions
  • When medical emergency services are required at home or an accident scene
  • When being followed by a suspicious vehicle
  • When being pulled off the road and feel threatened or treated unfairly

For more information about RESQ1 or if you would like to sign up, click here.

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