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The Great Advice Opportunity Webinar


Never has there been a better time for the short-term insurance broker to prove their value as an adviser and champion.


This COVER webinar, in collaboration with Renasa and the FIA, unpacks the importance of advice in the short-term insurance environment and therefore the role of the broker.

You can watch this insightful and inspirational video right here:


Issues explored include:

  • Increased uncertainty in personal and business life

  • The variety of products and personalisation


  • The complicated nature of risks (BI, Cyber, Liability etc.)

  • How brokers should position themselves to take

    advantage of opportunities

    Speakers include:

  • Jonathan Rosenberg, CEO, Renasa

  • Brian Martin, Executive Director, Renasa

  • Peter Olyott, President, FIA

  • Brian van Flyman, Founder and CEO, van Flymen &


  • Clifford Garrun, Group CEO, Garrun group