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The Unrest Documentary Launch



We are delighted to extend an exclusive invitation to all FIA Members for the premiere of the much-anticipated Sasria Documentary: Unveiling the Unrest: 7 Days of Destruction.

This thought-provoking documentary examines the pivotal events of the July 2021 Unrest, offering an immersive exploration into the turmoil that enveloped those seven consequential days. The film features key insights from Sasria executives and industry leaders who found themselves at the epicenter of the chaos. These eyewitness accounts expose an unseen narrative and shed light on the far-reaching aftermath that ensued.

Beyond recounting the dramatic events, the documentary delves into potential alternative strategies that could have potentially lessened the magnitude of the disaster. It highlights the extensive implications on businesses, the economy, and communities at large, presenting a profound understanding of the societal and economic consequences of the unrest.

Please join us for an enlightening experience that promises to not only chronicle a crucial period in history but also to prompt a discussion on how to better manage such situations in the future.

To confirm your attendance and reserve your spot, kindly RSVP by: 30 June 2023


Should you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to send an email to marketing@sasria.co.za.

We hope you can join us for this momentous occasion and contribute to the success of the Sasria Documentary Launch. We eagerly await your response and the pleasure of your company.

Warm regards,

Sasria Marketing