What's Happening?

Keen to make your mark as a young professional in the insurance industry?



Q: What is The Insurance Apprentice all about?
A: The Insurance Apprentice is all about skills development, and at the same time showing the exciting and fun side of the industry. We grow leaders, we change perceptions, and we make this industry an industry people would want to come and work in.

Q: Why should I enter? What’s in it for me?
A: The exposure provided by The Insurance Apprentice enhances a person’s credibility as an insurance professional. It gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves, to grow on a personal and professional level and showcase what they are all about so that they can grow within their own companies. Whether you’re the WINNER, in the TOP 6, or 10, there’s prizes, cash and plenty to be won!

Q: What is the criteria to enter?
A: If you are younger than 35, have been in the short term insurance industry (any part of it) for more than four years – be it at a brokerage, insurer, underwriting manager, loss adjuster, administrator, or any other company you are eligible to enter – www.TheInsuranceApprentice.co.za

To apply click here: https://www.theinsuranceapprentice.co.za/application-form/

To read the article visit:https://www.theinsuranceapprentice.co.za/2023-magazine/