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Who can forget 2 November 2019 when the Springboks beat England 32-12 to win the Rugby World Cup? We had no idea that within a mere four months, in March 2020, the world would change in ways we never thought possible. We were not sure whether we would ever see a World Cup again, let alone attend one.

And yet, here we are in 2023: Those lucky enough will attend the 2023 World Cup in France. The South African pool matches will be played in Marseille, Bordeaux, and Paris. This means a lot of travelling if you want to support the Boks in the pool phases. Not to talk about getting to France.

So please, don’t forget travel insurance.

Overseas travel is an investment in your experiences but can come with its own challenges, risks, and uncertainties. Taking out travel insurance can protect you from these and ensure that your experience remains memorable without any unbudgeted and unforeseen expenses.

Unforeseen medical expenses

It is important to ensure you have sufficient emergency medical cover while travelling overseas. Medical costs can escalate very quickly, especially if you need emergency medical treatment or even evacuation. Healthcare costs in European countries can be prohibitive, especially if you take the current exchange rate into consideration. It is important to have this cover to ensure any medical emergencies are covered and you have on-the-ground assistance if required.

Many credit cards offer travel insurance if you paid for your tickets with the card. But don’t assume you are covered and that the cover is sufficient. Check what is covered and whether the level of protection is sufficient.

Also don’t assume your medical aid will cover you. Many medical aids provide cover inside the borders of South Africa only. Others may only provide limited cover. 

Cancellation or curtailment

Travel insurance reimburses you for the financial costs incurred relating to unforeseen cancellation or if you must cut your trip short due to reasons listed in your policy.

Travel delay

Travel delay will compensate you for expenses incurred due to the delay of your trip during a layover.

Delayed baggage

The policy will compensate you for the costs you incur if your baggage is missing, misplaced, or delayed by the carrier. Ensure you also have all risks insurance in place, to ensure that you are sufficiently covered for your personal possessions while travelling.

When taking out travel insurance, it is important to keep the following in mind:

1. Consider taking out “Cancellation for Any Reason” cover.

Most travel insurance policies will give you cover if your trip is cancelled for a list of specified reasons. Consider taking “Cancellation for Any Reason” cover as well, where you can get a refund of up to 50% of your unused, non-refundable, travel and accommodation expenses.

2.Understand the local political situation.

With the March 2023 riots in France relating to pension reform, it is important to consider your safety during your trip. At the end of March, the United States issued a level two warning to exercise increased caution when travelling to France.

It is therefore prudent to not only stay safe when travelling, but also ensure that you allow sufficient time to avoid missing your transport, considering that the world cup will take place across the entire country.

3.Buy your travel insurance from reputable product providers.

It is always important to ensure that you buy insurance from reputable insurers. The same is true for travel insurance. Make sure that your travel insurer partners with the appropriate service providers who can act quickly in the case of an emergency and has all the necessary systems and processes in place to ensure your health, safety, and if necessary, your safe return to South Africa.

4.Protect your travel documents and money.

When you travel, ensure that your vital documentation, credit cards, and cash are always carried on your person and hidden from sight. When you are in-country, preferably keep your travel documentation and excess cash in the hotel safe and carry only the most necessary items with you. Consider keeping these in a cross-body bag. Leave copies of your documentation and itinerary with someone at home to be safe.

5.Enjoy the games! GO BOKKE!!