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PG Glass has a long and rich history in South Africa. From its beginnings in Cape Town in 1897 to being a brand that today is synonymous with glass throughout Southern Africa. The company is deeply rooted in South Africa and is committed to supporting the country’s economy and future.

The PG Group, which includes PG Glass, is a major player in the glass industry with a global presence. The company produces, distributes, and installs automotive glass, building glass, aluminium frames, and window film solutions.

Supporting local

PG Glass has deep roots in South Africa and a strong commitment to the country’s rich and diverse heritage. As a manufacturer and installer of high-quality windows and doors, it has contributed to the South African economy through job creation, supporting local manufacturers and local businesses for the advancement of the South African economy, while also giving back to the local communities.

The company is dedicated to supporting the South African economy by creating jobs through its 180+ Fitment Centres and promoting the manufacturing sector. All its factories use locally sourced raw materials and products in the production of glass and related products, while adhering to safety, quality, and environmental standards.

As an employer of more than 3 000 people in South Africa, the PG Group invests heavily in training and development programmes to ensure the consistent delivery of the brand’s promise – Solving Customer Problems with REAL care.

Giving back

PG Glass shows a strong commitment to South Africa by respecting its heritage, investing in its people and their future, and supporting various social responsibility initiatives that are true to the company’s values.

The Spirit of Belron sports event is a great example. Belron has a long and proud connection with South Africa as its original business, glass company Jacobs & Dander, began in Cape Town in 1897. PG Glass is a franchise of Belron and a part of PG Group.

The Spirit of Belron is a global initiative that raises funds for non-profit organisation Afrika Tikkun, which nurtures and supports young lives from cradle to career in South Africa. The NPO’s many programmes have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of children and young people in South Africa’s poorest communities. Its Centres of Excellence in Orange Farm, Emfuleni, Alexandra, Braamfontein and Diepsloot provide education, health and social services, along with primary healthcare, nutrition and family support resources.

The Spirit of Belron Challenge has been around for over 20 years and impacts and gives South African youth a better future. This is why the PG Glass family is taking part in this global initiative to raise much-needed funds for Afrika Tikkun. And, as with previous years, PG Glass will lobby colleagues, friends, families, partners and suppliers to take part by swimming, cycling, running, walking, and travelling by wheelchair so they can raise as many funds as possible to realise a young person’s dreams.

The Spirit of Belron Challenge asks for a minimum donation of €5 (around R100) and then donates €5 for every person who registers and then a further €1 (around R20) for every kilometre run, walked, cycled, swum or travelled by wheelchair — and all of this goes to Afrika Tikkun. “And that is why we need as many people as possible to get involved with us, so all our combined efforts can contribute to raising even more funds for our chosen charity, Afrika Tikkun”. 

PG Glass is more than just a glass company. It is a brand that has a proud history, a global reach, and a local impact in South Africa. By supplying quality products and services, creating employment opportunities, and supporting social causes, PG Glass shows its commitment to the country and its people.