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The dread of discovering that your car is missing from the spot you parked it in is an experience no one wants to have. As a car owner, it’s crucial to take steps to minimise the risk of being targeted by thieves. To safeguard your valuable investment and prioritise your safety, here are some essential tips that will help deter potential thieves.

Check your alarm system

While most cars come with built-in alarm systems, don’t assume they are active. And always double-check by ensuring the door handle is locked after using your remote. This simple action can prevent potential vulnerabilities and help ensure your car’s security.

Park strategically

When choosing a parking spot, opt for well-lit and populated areas whenever possible. Consider parking spots near car guards or shopping centre security. The visible presence of security personnel can discourage thieves and enhance the security of your vehicle.

Secure your keys

Be mindful of where you keep your car keys when you leave your vehicle. If in a handbag, keep them in a zipped or concealed section to prevent easy access. Make sure you can easily reach your keys when approaching your car. Having your keys ready when approaching your vehicle minimises the risk of distraction.

Enhance your security with GPS tracking

GPS tracking devices are vital in vehicle security. The advanced technology that Matrix and Beame devices offer can provide real-time tracking of your vehicle’s location. In case of theft, Matrix and Beame solutions significantly increase the chances of recovery, helping armed response teams to act swiftly.

Anti-theft systems

As a proactive measure to empower vehicle owners in their fight against theft, anti-theft systems can be activated to notify you if your vehicle moves from a specific location. If your car is being moved without your consent, it allows a response team to react to the theft in the shortest time possible.

Panic alert

A panic alert feature adds a crucial layer of personal safety, ensuring immediate assistance in distressing situations. The system immediately alerts emergency contacts and authorities, ensuring swift assistance during emergencies.

Vehicle tracking companies like Matrix have introduced advanced technology to enable drivers to take a proactive approach to vehicle security. Vehicle owners have access to innovative features, such as real-time tracking, GeoLoc Advanced Alert, panic alert, and Beame, a dedicated stolen vehicle recovery service. By implementing these measures and embracing modern security solutions, we can protect our vehicles and travel with peace of mind.