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Webinar – Exploring Risk Management with The Insurance Bureau: SA Insights



The FIA is excited to invite our members to join us as we discuss risk mitigation as it aligns to the outcomes from The Insurance Bureau’s extensive knowledge of the SA insurance landscape. We welcome Garth de Klerk, CEO of The Insurance Bureau and would like to encourage our members to join the Webinar on the 27th March 2024 at 10am.

The Insurance Crime Bureau is a non-profit company dedicated to fighting organised insurance crimes and fraud. Since their inception in 2008, The Insurance Crime Bureau has made a significant impact on both the short-term insurance industry and society as a whole. They do this by bringing together the collective resources of insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to facilitate the detection, prevention and mitigation of insurance crimes as well as assist in the prosecution of repeat offenders and fraudsters through ongoing insurance fraud investigation.

Please register here and we look forward to an insightful presentation.