What's Happening?

FIA Insight Quarter 1 Issue for 2024 has arrived!



It may still be the first quarter, but already it feels like the year is flying by. Election years always bring a degree of uncertainty, and that uncertainty is reflected in the decisions clients make around their lifestyle and money.

In recent years, we’ve seen a Great Escape playing out in various ways. On the investments side, investment migration is gaining popularity, especially among high-net-worth individuals. You can read about this trend and more in this issue.

We also put a spotlight on the SMME sector. Often called the backbone of the South African economy, it represents 98% of formal businesses in our country and it is the duty of the financial services industry to support these unsung heroes. We take a detailed look at how advisers can make sure they are adequately insured.

 We are also reminded that there is still great potential for our country – and through collaboration, we can help create a lot of the change we want to see.

There’s plenty of insight to be gained in this issue – we hope you enjoy it!