What's Happening?

Secure Event Liability Insurance in minutes for your Event Industry Clients



Auto & General has announced the launch of a new Events Liability insurance tailored specifically for event managers, organisers, exhibitors, and/or sponsors of events.

Head of Specialist Liability at Auto & General, Storm Mhlambi, highlights the distinctive features of Auto & General Events Liability cover:  “What sets our cover apart is our commitment to exceptional service which we provide financial advisers when their clients opt to take out these policies. Our process is swift, straightforward and hassle-free. Advisers can secure a quote and bind a policy with just a phone call or email, all accomplished within minutes. This is crucial, especially for clients who urgently need proof of insurance.”

One key advantage of the policy is the Insurer’s active involvement with the third party on behalf of both the client and the financial adviser during the claims process. This communication is facilitated through a dedicated claims consultant, ensuring constant updates to the client and the adviser on the claim’s progress.

Mhlambi explains that the decision to develop this product was driven by requests from Auto & General’s SME clients operating within the events industry and the industry’s overall growth.

The recent success of the Auto & General X-Triathlon, held at Steyn city with 800 participants and over 1000 spectators, underscores the thriving state of the South African events sector.

Mhlambi emphasises the legal requirement for Event Liability cover under the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act of 2010.  She says, “Events like the Auto & General X-Tri cannot legally occur without Event Liability insurance. Despite meticulous planning, events attract a range of risks of which damage to a hired venue or injuries on-site are just a couple of examples.  Even with the most detailed planning, things can go wrong, leading to a lawsuit which could cripple the event client’s reputation or financial standing.”

Events Liability is a specialist insurance addressing liability risks and potential financial losses resulting from third-party property damage and or bodily injuries sustained at events.

The cover offered by Auto & General includes two types of policies, a short period policy which covers a once-off event and an annual policy option which covers all the client’s events during an annual period. The coverage limits range from R1 million to R100 million, with R500 000 worth of extensions automatically included. Clients can also choose to increase the limits of automatically included extensions, such as damage to leased or rented property, collapse of temporary structures, emergency medical expenses, wrongful arrest and defamation, and statutory defense costs, for an extra premium.