What's Happening?

Further proposed changes to the insurance regulations



The regulator has issued the following proposed amendment (click to view) to the Insurance Regulations for comment by 23 April 2018.

In particular the section on premium collections by intermediaries (Part IV under point 5 on pages 6 to 8) is important.

We have done a “gap analysis” comparing the current requirements with the new ones to assist members in assessing the impact of the proposed changes.

We urgently need feedback from members on this (and any other aspects of the proposed amendments) by close of business on Friday 13 April in order to prepare our submission.

We would also like to know whether the deadline of 1 July for meeting the requirements is viable.

Feedback and any queries should be directed to Peter Atkinson (peter@fia.org.za).

  1. Treasury draft amendment to the Insurance Regulations
  2. FIA “gap analysis” of proposed changes to the requirements for premium collections by intermediaries