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Member notice | FIA CPD provider launch



Following the recent release of the FSCA’s Fit and Proper requirements in Board Notice 194 of 2017, the FIA has put together an online CPD solution for its members which caters for the full range of financial services training.

The FIA is proud to present their panel of CPD providers who offer approved CPD on all FSCA product categories.

Such partners include:

  2. FPI Centre for Professional Development
  3. Integrity Academy
  4. Moonstone Business School of Excellence

A summary of the offering from each provider is indicated in the table below:




Integrity Academy


Professional Body Approval





Range of licensing cat

Short-term and Long-term Deposits,
Structured Deposits,
Investments (and all 9 subclasses),
Forex Investments

Long-Term Insurance, Health, Deposits Investments

Short & Long-Term Deposits, Long-Term Insurance, Healthcare Benefits, Retirement Benefits

All Classes

No. of CPD hours

Unlimited hours for technical and soft skills including ethics and practice standards

Approximately 108 hours

Technical & Ethics

Technical & soft skills

74.5 hours

General Insurance overview & FICA


R249 per user per annum with additional discounts available via our affiliate program

Same as FPI members pp

R230 – 250 online

R1608 F2F (CPD ave 4-8 hours)

R756.57 (CPD ave 8.5 hours)

which is a 10% discount on regular fees pp. The voucher code is FIA#cn8jsvV2vCM7. 

Click here to view how to register for a CPD subscription


R250 to R500 per session (ave 3.5 hours)

Support offered

Online support and FAQs

Online chat, call most hours

Online chat, call 24/7

Same as for public


THE CPD HUB is powered by BLACK ONYX and accredited by the FPI and IOBSA, offering a unique digital CPD service focussed on INVESTING & REGULATION offering FIA members 20+ CPD hours for the following areas:

  • Short-term and Long-term Deposits
  • Structured Deposits
  • Investments (and all 9 subclasses)
  • Forex Investments
  • Asset Management
  • Ethics & Practice Standards

For R249 / year (or less …) you can remain Fit & Proper from the comfort of your phone or PC, by watching videos or listening to podcasts by award-winning asset managers. Click here to learn more.

FPI Centre for Professional Development

The FPI Centre have offered for FIA members to participate in FPI CPD activities at the same rate as FPI members.  There are a variety of offers within the FPI framework from online activities to face to face events. These events span the insurance classes of:

  • Long-Term Insurance,
  • Health Benefits,
  • Deposits, and
  • Investments 

Integrity Academy

This esteemed partner is an Accredited training provider and carries CPD recognition with the IISA and FPI for various online modules.  A discounted rate has been offered to FIA members for which a discount coupon is granted upon verification of FIA membership. The CPD offering includes the insurance classes of:

  • Short & Long-Term Deposits
  • Long-Term Insurance
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits and
  • some Short-Term Insurance modules

In addition to CPD modules, Integrity Academy also offers a range of other training ranging from Class of Business to soft skills.

Moonstone Business School of Excellence

MBSE offer a variety of CPD and other modules via an online platform which are approved by the FPI for CPD purposes.

The MBSE offering spans the full range of insurance classes as listed by the FSCA.  Companies who are able to register more than 100 modules can qualify for a further discounted price per module, details of which are on the MBSE website on the CPD page.

It is important for FIA members to remember that CPD requirements is for the FSP to keep record of CPD activities completed.  There is no requirement for Professional Bodies to track CPD as this may carry an additional cost to the industry, and therefore it is important that FSP’s keep the records offered by these online providers for reporting and competence purposes.

The records from these systems can be submitted to professional bodies for the recording of professional CPD, thereby serving both purposes where persons are professional members of the IISA or FPI.