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How financially fit are you?



It’s the New Year, but somewhere the old ‘budgeting frenzy talk’ is happening. A time used by many to reflect on the old and write down the goals that you plan to achieve this year. Goal setting and journeying on that roadmap requires a lot of commitment as the journey is a continuous cycle of learning the new and perhaps unlearning some old ways of money management that have not quite worked yet.

How you manage your money requires some techniques, some of which are:

  • you must have a plan and even have a plan for how you will stick to that plan – keep yourself accountable
  • your financial affairs must always be up to date and in line with your goals (and of course sometimes it doesn’t hurt to review and amend some goals)
  • have a positive attitude towards money and managing your money – this plays a very crucial role in your finances because, believe it or not, money sure does have a character of its own and this means it needs to be managed a little delicately with a focussed approached – like any other relationship.

Your mind is your most powerful tool, what you believe is what you perceive. Would it not be great then for you to believe that you are always on top of your finances? This year, have a positive attitude towards your finances.

It doesn’t help to only have a plan, it goes hand in hand with detailed actions of what needs to happen to make the plan and your goals reachable. Here is some food for thought that needs to be considered practically and truthfully:

  • What does financial fitness mean to you? This is different for each individual as this is a personal journey and no one can walk it for you but YOU.
  • What are you willing to do to achieve your financial fitness? (sign up to financial gym, gym at home, take “supplements” (i.e. learn and train), how often per week, per month, perhaps get a financial gym buddy)
  • What are your specific action plans to get more fit with your finances?
  • What red flags have you previously identified in your finances that may possibly hinder you from getting financially fit? (temptations, cravings, cheating the diet, junk food)
  • How will you overcome the red flags?

At the end of the day, it is a mind-set game and how you take part in the game ultimately determines where the journey will get you at the end of this year in relation to your goals. Get your attitude and time invested in your financial well being right, right from the start! As you journey on your financial roadmap in 2019, you will come across signs in your budgeting, savings, family planning and protection, spending, debt management and so much more and what direction you take determines your destination.

You are always in control of your finances. Through discipline, correct and consistent budgeting and money management, you become the master of your own finances.

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