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2019 African Insurance Exchange Conference – Sponsored Brokers



FIA AIE Emerging Brokers

The AIE takes place in Sun City, from 14-17 July 2019, with many networking opportunities available there. Unfortunately, not all brokers are able to attend due to cost constraints and even fewer emerging brokers can. 

The AIE called on the industry to sponsor eight emerging brokers to attend this year. With the help of the sponsors the below, brokers were selected by the FIA to attend. Qualifying criteria was that they needed to be a member of the FIA. Without hesitation, the following companies stepped up to support this great initiative; IISA, SAIA, Santam, Indwe Risk Services, Old Mutual and Discovery.

Here we find out a little bit more about them. 
If you see them at  #AIE2019, stop and have a chat with them.


Name: Prudence Makgatho

Company name: Safeway Risk Solutions

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

Safe Way Risk Solutions is a financial services provider carrying out various risk management and financial advisory work for individuals and companies. Safe Way Risk Solutions is a relatively young black woman owned and run company.

FIA whilst not necessarily incubating the business give you a supportive structure that promotes management of growing business risks and assure attainment of business objectives.

Being a member of an organisation such as FIA commits you to a strict code of behaviour as well as standards of performance and conduct which drives a conducive culture for a successful operation. Being a holder of solid risk and insurance qualifications as well as extensive experience, does not give me everything I need as there are other experiences and concepts I will be privy to virtue of contact with the unlimited experience and expertise within the FIA fraternity.

Becoming a FIA member gives me access to opportunities for my personal and professional development in the field of risk financing and insurance. FIA presents an opportunity to take advantage of technical resources, networking opportunities, advocacy and critical mass in industry and market negotiations, product and process innovation

Name: Siphe Madikizela

Company name: Xchange Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

After multiple times of trying to get into the Finance Industry and getting a lot red tape it made me realize that I need immense support from my industry leaders and that is why I decided to join the FIA.

Trade Organizations such as FIA played a big role in growing one’s knowledge of the industry, from attending conference that teach us immensely about the rules and regulation of our Governing Body the FSCA to also opening space for networking and have new business ventures.

Having an organization that tries to make my life a bit easier has really made my life easier when it comes to having access to amazing programs such as the INSETA, which really provides us with the financial support any new company would need.

Being a young black women in a white dominated industry has been a motivation for me to strive to become one of the leading and first women in this sector in South Africa. I believe that I have the ability, the drive, the ambition, the analytical skills, but also the caring, nurturing side that will create a sustainable environment and with FIA I believe I am 10 steps closer to realizing my dream.

Name: Tebogo Mothapo

Company name: Legacy Wealth Management

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

Being a member of the FIA has proven to be of tremendous value to our organisation.  Our affiliation to the FIA has helped support our effort in continuously developing our systems and processes as well as keep abreast with the latest regulatory framework and industry trends.

FIA provides a voice for us intermediaries and gives us agency by representing our interests with various stakeholders within the financial services sector such as the various risk carriers as well as well as ASISA.

Being an affiliated member of the FIA provides great networking opportunities, industry specific training and education platforms whereby members can continue to be fit and proper agents by acquiring the prescribed CPD hours. This also assists us in obtaining the relevant certification required by existing and prospective clients who understand the importance and credibility of an FSP having these certifications.

One of the key benefits of joining a trade association is the ability to support the mission of the organisation and possibly influence legislation that affects our financial services industry. The combined resources of the members of an association can be used to lobby lawmakers and sway public opinion more positively towards the goals of the association. With the increased level of government regulation in the financial services sector, this is an absolute necessity for the survival of all FSP’s in the field.

Aside from all the professional benefits that are available through being a FIA member, it also provides an opportunity for members to build friendships and personal relationships that can last a lifetime.

These are just some of the most common benefits of being a FIA member. According to recent research, over 85 percent of businesses that fail are not members of a trade association. No matter the industry, trade associations give their members many advantages in a fast-paced, competitive world.

Name: Reginah Thomo

Company name: Munenerisk

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

As an SMME broker there is just too much to be done, and usually there is only you to do everything, so I had to join FIA:-

  1. FIA serves as a centre of intelligence that informs us(brokers) on market trends, regulation changes etc, and I could not get to all that even if I wanted to comply.
  2. FIA interact with both government and the FSCA and all that governs how we(brokers) do business. FIA will summarise such changes and present to us, even assist us to comply with some of that e.g the CPD points,FAIS competency etc.
  3. As a Broker I had to own up to the professional services that I provide and therefore I needed to get insurance covers to provide my clients some recourse. FIA then came very helpful as always they have negotiated cost effective packages for us.

Name: Sikheto Sambo

Company name: Marara Risk Solutions

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

In this highly regulated environment it is imperative that companies, especially small companies whose voice would not be heard belong to a trade organisation that will act as their mouth piece to regulatory bodies on industry issues and issues that threaten their existence and sustainability.

The organization also keeps us informed about any changes in the industry and we are benefiting immensely from the events organised by the FIA, e.g RDR, New fit and proper requirements, CPD Points just to mention a few.

Name: Lawrence Mkwanazi

Organization name: AFIA (African Financial Intermediaries Association)

Lawrence Mkwanazi is a committee member of the Intermediaries Council.

The FIA, together with the FSIN (Financial Services Intermediaries Network) and the AFIA (African Financial Intermediaries Association) have created an Intermediaries Council that looks to address the challenges facing the intermediary with a collective voice. Within the industry, there are a number of different bodies representing the interests of intermediaries and as a result, we are viewed by important stakeholders as divided.

The Intermediaries Council is open for all intermediated associations to join and make a difference.

Name: Otshepeng Sokhela

Company name: Oats Risk Services

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

As a small business, particularly in such a regulated environment, I immediately realized the 3 top risks to the growth and continued relevance of my business. Compliance, keeping up with industry related developments and networking. Most of us go into this business because we believe we can grow a book, you quickly find out when you actually start running an FSP that a bit more than that is required. Belonging to an Organization such as the FIA makes that journey slightly less daunting. The FIA keeps us up to date with regulatory developments, engages other industry stakeholders on our behalf and most importantly provides a platform for us to network with other players in the space. The cherry on top are programmes like this that open up opportunities and experiences that we might not have been able to be a part of as yet.

Name: Siboniso Cele

Company name: Bonnet Brokers

Why I joined the FIA and think it is important to belong to a trade organization?

Joining the FIA was triggered by lack of information access and business opportunity across the industry. We believe in unity and transformation within insurance industry. FIA has afforded us with the right platform to improve our skills and business within short-term insurance space, through education and continuous updates.