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FIA at the Gauteng Public Hearings on the National Health Insurance Bill – day 3



The Gauteng Public Hearings on the National Health Insurance Bill will be taking place from Friday 21 to Monday 24 February. Representatives from the FIA will be presenting some of the key messages from our full submission on NHI at these sessions.

Andre Jacobs a representative from the FIA Healthcare Executive Committee submitted the following statement at today’s public hearing held in the City of Johannesburg at the Noordgesing Community Centre, in Soweto.

We appreciate the opportunity to address the PCoH and will briefly touch on one aspect of our submission in this public hearing.

A transformed healthcare system can’t be achieved if the private sector doesn’t transform along with it. But before this can happen, threats to elements that contribute to the sustainability of the private sector need urgent attention. These include:

  1. Mandatory cover for employees over a specific income threshold
  2. Implementation of the risk equalisation fund
  3. Amendment of the prescribed minimum benefits to support primary care and preventative care
  4. Introducing a low-cost-benefit option or class of medical schemes. This should broaden access to a larger portion of the employed but uncovered population to create financial risk protection.
  5. Implementing recommendations of the Health Market Inquiry to avoid systemic uncompetitive and opportunistic behaviour as well as strong but fair regulatory framework. 

Sisonke masisebenzele kwi-South Africa enempilo! Let’s work together for a healthier SA.

The FIA will be attending the last public hearing tomorrow which is scheduled to take place in the City of Ekurhuleni at the Germiston City Hall from16:30 – 20:30.