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The short-term insurance broker – on your side




Personal short-term insurance is not just a nice to have. Insurance cover on your car, your house and its contents ensures peace of mind. Just imagine you bought a new car – your dream-come-true – and you are involved in an accident. From that horrible moment on, you will face unexpected costs – from the tow truck to the panel beater or a written-off car, someone must pay those costs.

Hermanus van der Linde, CEO of IntegriSure and member of the Financial Intermediaries Association of South Africa (FIA), spoke recently at Money Smart Week – a week when experts come together to offer free and trusted advice for consumers. Van der Linde answered many questions on the minds of countless South Africans bombarded via TV and Radio with motor and home insurance offerings. Choosing from the wide selection of short-term insurance products available today is tricky, especially if you’re thinking of going at it alone and buying direct.

Click here to listen to his talk.