What's Happening?

Committing to the future of agriculture and food security at NAMPO 2022



South Africa is blessed with an effective, advanced farming sector. In fact, agriculture has been our economy’s saving grace over the past two years. So, there’s tangible excitement from all to once again meet in person and physically see what agri is all about at Grain SA’s annual NAMPO Harvest Day show.

Hollard Insure is proudly present at the expo, held until 20 May 2022 outside Bothaville in the Free State. We’re flying the purple flag as an important player in the agri sector, showcasing our commitment to agriculture and food security in South Africa.

Agriculture touches everyone, every day, by providing a meal. It’s heartening to see a whole new generation of younger farmers entering the sector, joined by new entrants with no previous exposure to agriculture, who need guidance and assistance.

For this reason and many others, the show – one of the largest in the southern hemisphere, with around 800 exhibitors and past visitor numbers exceeding 80 000 per event – is an annual highlight on the farming calendar.

Agriculture is not a one-size-fits-all industry. No two farmers are alike. But all are essentially business people who are affected by the economy and subject to the vagaries of the weather.

The sector holds a lot of possibilities, but risks are large and diverse. At Hollard Insure, our outlook is positive over the medium to longer term. Insurance can no longer be seen as an add-on – it must be integrated into the farmer’s whole risk-management plan and financial planning.

Shows like NAMPO showcase the newest tech and changes in risks. As farmers become more and more integrated into the value chain and make use of technology, we are in the fortunate position where we can tap into our product and specialist offerings to tailor-make appropriate solutions. Specialist insurers such as Hollard Insure need to stay relevant in this fast-changing sector.

We believe managing and mitigating risk in the specialised agricultural space requires a specialist insurer, with the right broker partner. This ensures better futures for all, and a win-win-win for the client, broker and our business.

Supporting and growing agri

Hollard Insure exhibited at NAMPO for the first time in 2018. In 2019, our indoor stand was recognised as the best at the show.

After participating in virtual NAMPOs in 2020 and 2021, we’re back in the NAMPO main hall this year, showcasing our full spectrum of products and specialist centres of excellence, with a specific focus on its agricultural offerings and Hollard Equipage, which provides specialist equine insurance.

Visitors to the stand can discuss their insurance needs with experts. We are also able to engage with existing clients, brokers and potential customers.

Research has shown us that farmers are tech-savvy – but they still transact in person by choice. At Hollard, we believe local is lekker, and eyeballs and handshakes are part and parcel of our DNA.

Considering the extent and reach of this year’s expo, the chance to spend time with key players, and the opportunity to see the newest and best tech in the sector, NAMPO 2022 may well turn out to be the best ever.