What's Happening?

Safety in numbers



As intermediaries, you understand the importance of offering your clients comprehensive solutions that not only protect their well-being but also provide them with enticing incentives.

Let me begin by asking you this: How much does it cost an average South African to feel safe? Burglar alarms, 24-hour armed response, razor wire, electric fencing, and insurance can all add up. Notwithstanding the considerable impact the cost of feeling safe can have on our daily living expenses, the time and effort involved are often disregarded. 

Safety bonuses

Offering clients rewards for putting safety measures in place – like with Momentum Insure’s Safety Returns rewards programme – removes some of the grudge element of putting safety measures in place.  You can confidently present a unique offering that keeps your clients safe, wherever they may be, while rewarding them with cashback bonuses for engaging with its remarkable safety-focused features that are geared toward keeping your clients safe.

Safety Returns for Momentum Insure clients with short-term cover is designed to incentivise clients with a cashback reward on their premiums every year, even if they claim, for demonstrating “safe” behaviour at home, on the road or wherever they may be. The focus shifts from the safe behaviour to the more exciting prospect of earning a reward.

Encouraging safe behaviour

Its features are also designed to help clients stay engaged and take proactive steps to keep safe, and this is all available at no additional cost on the Momentum App.

By engaging with safety-focused features like Safety Alert, a digital panic button feature, and Safe DayzTM, which encourages safe driving, clients are actively contributing to a safer community and tangibly seeing the benefits of how safety can be truly rewarding.

They are also rewarded for employing safety measures such as burglar alarms, etc. This information is submitted via a questionnaire on the app, after which clients are awarded Safety Returns points for completing the questionnaire and allocated points for the safety measures they have put in place at their homes or in their cars.  

Core values

As brands anchored in safety, the safety of our clients should be at the core of everything we do. We should go beyond keeping our clients safe by making them feel safe. Innovative solutions like the Momentum Insure Safety Returns programme are ways to reward clients for prioritising their safety and ensuring they enjoy peace of mind and financial rewards. Additionally, by understanding our clients’ behaviours, we can develop new innovative products that will continue to enforce this feeling of safety. This is just one way of making our proposition tangible in today’s fast-paced world where safety has become an invaluable asset.

As intermediaries, you hold the key to offering your clients the finest products in the market. Join us in shaping a safer world and empowering your clients with the ultimate safety experience.