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An attitude of gratitude matters



I was introduced to the importance of “thank you” at a young age and learned that things always work out better for me when I use those two words. Over time, I have come to understand that it is much more than those two words that help produce positive outcomes in my life. A master key to unlocking positivity and possibility is gratitude.

A transformative impact

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions that we can experience as humans. It has the ability to bring people together, convey appreciation, and provide an unmeasurable feeling of happiness, contentment and psychological well-being. 

Being grateful encourages us to choose an abundant mindset, which helps us to appreciate what we have in our lives, no matter how small. A scarcity mindset is the opposite, allowing us to indulge negativity and dwell on what we do not have.

Gratitude as a tool for business transformation

An attitude of gratitude induces positive reframing of negative occurrences or problems into more optimistic scenarios, while also fostering social connection, empathy and resilience. By cultivating gratitude in the workplace, teams develop more enthusiasm and optimism around opportunities. So it is no wonder that a focus on fuelling gratitude can transform businesses for the better. When employees, customers and business partners are feeling valued, they are more likely to become loyal and committed and contribute their best.

  • Talent retention

One of the biggest challenges in business is retaining talented employees. High employee turnover is costly and impacts company morale, productivity and bottom line. To deploy the  emotional tool of gratitude, it is vital to recognise, appreciate and celebrate good work. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to remain with your company and invest their time and talents in its growth.

  •   Customer loyalty

Expressing gratitude to customers will have a transformative impact on business success. Customers who feel appreciated are more likely to be loyal to your company and recommend it to others via client reviews on social media and word of mouth, which can make or break a business. Therefore, taking the time to thank your customers for their business, listen to their feedback and address their concerns will generate powerfully affirmative advertising.

  •   Strengthen business partnerships

It is vital for businesses to recognise and appreciate the efforts of their partners and acknowledge their contributions to shared successes. A solid and sustainable partnership requires both parties to feel gratefully enhanced by each other.

Joe’s job of abundance

A good example of this in action is the story of Joe (not his real name), who was born with Down Syndrome. Joe’s unwavering positivity set him apart from most people. He was determined to make a difference in the world. One day, Joe landed a job as a packer at a supermarket and was immensely grateful for this opportunity. While it was monotonous work, Joe’s gratitude for his job drove him to be the best packer in the shop and inspire others along the way.

He had an idea – with his father’s help, he printed out inspirational quotes and phrases with a” thank you” note to customers. He cut the notes out and stuffed them into his apron pockets. Joe made sure to slip these notes of gratitude into every customer’s bag. His heart-warming act soon caught the attention of customers and spread like wildfire.

People didn’t mind waiting in line just to say hello to Joe and get one of his inspirational messages. 

Joe’s simple act of human appreciation ended up going far beyond expectations. He transformed his mundane job into a beacon of hope, gratitude and positivity.

And he didn’t stop at the quote notes – he started giving hugs to anyone who needed them and even remembered everyone’s name, greeting them with a smile.

Joe’s generosity and spirit touched the hearts of the entire community. His actions reminded everyone that even small acts of kindness and gratitude could make a large impact. This experience was both triumphant and humbling for Joe. From that day on, Joe was no longer just a packer at the grocery store. He was a symbol of hope, gratitude, and inspiration for everyone he met.

Gratitude starts with a great customer experience.

Meeting customers at the intersection of “thank you” means going beyond providing a product or service. It means actively showing gratitude towards them for choosing your business. Expressing gratitude can create a lasting positive impression that can turn total strangers into lifelong supporters of you and your business.

Gratitude has the power to transform businesses and to transform grudge purchases into grateful purchases. Therefore, business leaders should consider incorporating gratitude into their management and marketing strategies. Whether it is through regular employee recognition programmes, customer appreciation events or celebrating shared successes with business partners, an intentional practice of gratitude will contribute to a better total experience for customers. 

As the saying goes, the words you speak and the deeds you do may fade into memory, but the way you make others feel has an enduring impact that can last a lifetime.

Gratitude is not just a feeling, gratitude is an action. And gratitude is a choice.

Story of Joe source: Wisebread.com