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Brokerage erects an iMadiba Project site in its offices



Econorisk, leading independent risk & short-term insurance advisor, is the first-ever corporate to erect an iMadiba Project site in its offices. The site at Econorisk is unique as it is the iMadiba that was originally at the Robben Island museum; it is a specialised indoor copy that first had its home at the place it artistically represents.

The firm is dedicated to conversations and positive change in South Africa. Erecting this dynamic, thought-provoking art installation at its reception is another way in which the organisation lives out it dedication to conversation and positive change.

As the first business to erect an iMadiba it its offices, Econorisk showcases its innovation and how it remains at the forefront of key conversations in South Africa.

The iMadiba Project is a global, interactive, participative art project creating conversations for change through art installations, or micro museums, based on the actual dimensions of the Robben Island cell where Nelson Mandela spent most of his 27 years of incarceration.

The broad intention of the project is to create a micro museum by building multiple installations throughout South Africa and the world, thereby creating a global museum for reflection and conversation in Mandela’s honour.

Douglas Donnelly, a member of the CIB team which consults for Econorisk, says:

“It’s a great conversation piece; at Econorisk we create through conversation. The iMadiba must be used as a meeting place to drive creation. It’s meant to inspire and to get people to think about the possibilities of making huge impactful change, and that every person has the ability to create something impactful.”

Donnelly highlights that having the iMadiba at the Econorisk reception area further demonstrates the organisation’s dedication to upliftment and positive change.

“We are a progressive firm advocating for change, upliftment, and education,” he says. “This piece of art helps us identify with that,” he concludes.

Conversation is necessary in all spheres. Many who work in the financial services industry will tell you about the dire need for transformation, of all kinds, in the industry. Noxolo Dlamini is the MD of newly-opened brokerage XonRisk and she echoes the need for conversation and transformation.

XonRisk is powered by Econorisk but with a clear focus on:

  1. Increasing insurance participation in the SME sector. This sector is a key driver of a country’s economy
  2. Effecting racial and gender transformation in South Africa’s short-term insurance industry

“The financial services industry is often criticised for being resistant to change and for its slow pace of transformation. However, there is a general lack of clarity around what is meant by “transformation” presenting the risk of its pursuit being without clear direction and purpose. The only way to address this is through open dialogue and robust debate about the status quo, the need to change it and collective ideas on how exactly to go about doing so,” says Noxolo Dlamini on why conversation is necessary in the financial services industry

She continues: “At XonRisk, we believe that the leaders and firms in the industry should be reflective of the diverse demographics of the society we serve and protect. Achieving this ensures that South African citizens and businesses are represented across their vast differences and we make impactful strides in narrowing the insurance protection gap in this country.”

“Our partnership with Econorisk is as a result of such open conversations, and we hope our success and this iMadiba micro museum light a spark for solution-based and action-backed communication to take place and spread throughout our industry,” she says.

While the micro museums are artistic recreations the dimensions are correct to the size of the prion cell. The size of the micro museum means those who engage there do so in close proximity to each other, with no physical barriers. This “barrier-less-ness” should pull through in their connections and their conversations. Having a space for these barrier-less conversations in a leading insurer’s offices makes perfect sense; it promotes equally barrier-less conversations on anything those in the space need to discuss.

The iMadiba project provides an opportunity to connect with each other and to dialogue with the values of Madiba to inspire and guide us.

The iMadiba Project has been built in partnership with and in support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. One of the aims of the project is to assist the foundation in its objective of honouring Madiba’s legacy, and inviting conversations in safe spaces. It has been made possible through the support of sponsors, and the ongoing need is to find more sponsors as the project grows. The project also produces income for the foundation.

Completed and planned installations

The micro museums at Stellenbosch University Museum, Paul Roos Gimnasium, Marais Park in Stellenbosch, and the copy burnt at AfrikaBurn are artist copies.

The following micro museums are already in existence:

Copy #1: Stellenbosch University Museum (Artist copy)
Copy #2: Paul Roos Gymnasium (Artist copy)
Copy #3: Marais Park, Stellenbosch (Artist copy)
Copy #4: AfrikaBurn (Artist copy)
Copy #5: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Johannesburg
Copy #6: Ahmed Kathrada gravesite
Copy #7: Robben Island Museum (indoor copy)
Copy #8: Nelson Mandela Museum, Mthatha
Copy #9: Nelson Mandela Museum, Qunu
Copy #10: Nelson Mandela Gateway to the Robben Island Museum, Waterfront, Cape Town
Copy #11: St Stithians College, Sandton
Copy #12: Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Sandton
Copy #13: Iziko Museums of South Africa
Copy #14: Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton
Copy #15: Nelson Mandela Centenary Gala Dinner
Copy: #16: Nirox Sculpture Park (the first of the iMadiba ACE copies)
Copy #17: Constitution Hill
Copy #18: Econorisk offices in Rivonia

The grave of Ahmed Kathrada in Johannesburg is encircled by a special iMadiba micro museum, and another special micro museum will be built at the Tutu Peace Museum in Cape Town, symbolising their collective friendships with the late president.

There is an indoor micro museum at the Education Centre on Robben Island and another indoor one at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town.

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