Top insurance risks to guard against in 2023

There are several themes that are currently playing out in South Africa, which are keeping insurers awake at night. These themes are likely to impact the insured during 2023, and […]

Santam acquires MTN South Africa device insurance book

Santam, South Africa’s leading short-term insurer, has entered into an alliance with MTN South Africa, that will see the company purchase the mobile telecommunication firm’s device insurance book. The acquisition, […]

FIA National Roadshow 2023 off to a flying start

The FIA National Roadshow 2023 kicked-off with a well-attended Northern Region event, held at Momentum/Metropolitan’s Centurion head office, 15 March 2023. FIA Members were treated to a fast-paced “FIA only” programme featuring fellow […]

A matter of trust

A UMA, in its truest form, is an autonomous business but operating in partnership and with the support of a licensed insurer. This UMA has core skills that concern underwriting […]

Crime stop

As the world continues to go through increased economic hardship and instability, the levels of poverty are likewise increasing. In South Africa, this challenge is particularly prevalent, with a flat […]

Remote possibilities

Futurists like to offer us glimpses of what is next in our lives. But at times, the future comes to us through unforeseen events and it’s no secret that Covid […]

Streets ahead

The transportation industry looks set to kick into high gear as demand for goods escalates. Yet given the countless challenges posed by lockdowns, riots and soaring fuel prices, many fleet […]

We need to talk about ESG

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a framework designed to be integrated into an organisation’s strategy to create enterprise value. It expands the organisational objectives to include identification, assessment and […]