Navigating the storm

Navigating storms is never easy. It requires planning, a fair bit of faith, reliance on various tools and often consultation with experts. The early explorers relied on an understanding of […]

GIFS provides small businesses with a tax SOS

While tax compliance has significantly increased in South Africa, many businesses fall afoul of the law through ignorance rather than malicious intent. The sentiment came through strongly during the Graduate […]

The financial adviser’s role in disclosure

Deliberate non-disclosure of material information will result in declined or reconstructed  claims, leaving families without the funds they need. Advisers have a critical role to play when it comes to […]

Taking Soweto street style to the world

Growing up in Soweto as the child of divorced factory workers, street-wear brand Thesis Lifestyle co-founder Wandile Zondo’s dream was to study computer engineering. His marks were good, but there […]