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Rising to the Challenge

“The growing number of large catastrophe reinsurance claims locally, coupled with rising global losses, has caused reinsurance premiums to increase significantly,” says Tavaziva Madzinga, Group CEO, Santam. With the insurance sector facing an escalating risk landscape, he shares how, with proper planning, these risks can be managed.

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Culture As The Compass

Upholding corporate governance principles is a collective responsibility for success in the South African insurance industry. It starts at the top, but it shouldn’t stop there.

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Backing Business

Amid the changing insurance needs of businesses in 2024 and beyond, brokers have a key role to play in helping their clients’ businesses grow, says Sharon Paterson, CEO, Infiniti Insurance.

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Making It Personal

Personalising advice for retirement planning is more efficient than ever with new products and tools designed for client-centric planning, says Fareeya Adam, Head of Annuities at Momentum Wealth. “Visualising retirement outcomes through user-friendly charts enhances understanding for clients.”

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Have A Seat

“It is now time for insurers and brokers to put into practice what they advocate.” Wimpie van Der Merwe, CEO of Global Choices, explores how unlocking the benefits of the Experience Economy can transform the perception of insurance from a commodity into something that adds tangible value to the customer’s life.

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Welcome To The Roaring 50s

A third of South African house buyers are 50-plus and traditional ideas of how we live our lives are fast evolving and changing the paradigm of how we view people’s working careers. “With over-55s wanting to live fuller lives, what can we offer them?” asks Graham Easton, Divisional Executive for Research & Insights at Liberty.

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Mind The Gaps

How do we go about advising SMME business owner clients with limited insurance budgets? Danie van Niekerk, Executive Director and Peter Olyott, CEO at Indwe Financial Services explain where to start.

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African Art Ascending

“Work by African artists exceeds a combined annual auction worth of $72 million (more than double its 2016 value),” says Gail Bosch, Artinsure Product Head at iTOO. As the global art market recognises the value and potential of African art, its market value is expected to rise even further.

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Bundle Benefits

“As insurers, we need to ensure that we continue to cover the needs that our customers have, rather than telling them what their needs are,” says Malose Mabye, Senior Manager for Mass Markets at Hollard Life Solutions. In this article, he unpacks the benefits and considerations of consolidating insurance product.

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Reimagining tax year planning – early bird catches the worm

Forget the end-of-year scramble to max out tax benefits with top-ups to retirement annuities and tax-free investments (also known as tax-free savings accounts). As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Let’s flip the script this year, advocating for a proactive approach right from the get-go of the new tax year.

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Start investing through a tax-free investment, asap

As financial professionals, we strive to help people make well-informed decisions to help maximise their wealth-building potential. One such opportunity lies in South Africa’s tax-free investments (TFIs), also referred to as tax-free savings accounts (TSFAs). Using a TFI as an investment vehicle and starting as soon as possible, both in terms of a person’s lifetime and within the tax year, can have meaningful benefits.

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Superficial AI: We All Look Right…and They… Go Left.

AI is not only ChatGPT and the rise of “the machines”.

“What do you mean this is the end?” said the man after his colleague deplored the major threat that Artificial Intelligence poses to us all. My gut tells me this happens because history reveals that humans find it incredibly difficult not to fear what we don’t know or understand.

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FIA Launches First-Of-Its-Kind FIA Market Intelligence Tool

The Financial Intermediaries Association has launched their new Market Intelligence Tool (MIT) developed for the financial services industry. The MIT can help financial advisers make better informed decisions and lower their clients’ exposure to risk, while also providing valuable data to the broader industry.

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