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Road safety

While hijackings and car theft are unfortunately a reality of our daily lives in South Africa, they are a bigger

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Structural integrity

Structured products have come a long way. From a specialised, exotic investment tool, they are now mainstream, and financial advisers

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Virtual safety

There is a common misconception that only large corporations are at risk of cybersecurity breaches. However, smaller businesses are equally

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Hard market

The South African insurance landscape has encountered significant obstacles due to recent disastrous events, such as civil unrest and the

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Backseat driving

Automated vehicles are deeply unnerving – likely due to them being such an obvious and relatable example of robots infiltrating

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In the Grey

Whilst the decision by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) plenary late February 2023 to put South Africa on the

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National Security

The persistent global threat of terrorism has had implications for security and stability across various regions, including South Africa. While

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Heat map

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, and its impacts are being felt around the

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Map it out

Since insurance first started centuries ago, premiums have been determined on the basis of client risk profiles, with insurers pooling

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Life on the GREYLIST

It’s going on four months since international money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) placed

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